Handbook USS Blackheart NCC-2327


Dues and Elections

The USS Blackheart does not accept dues of any kind; Membership aboard the USS Blackheart is (and ever shall be) completely free-of-charge.

While many fan clubs hold leadership elections both regularly and semi-regularly, the Blackheart is not among them. Rather than hold endless debates on the intricacies of club oversight, members are encouraged to take this time and interest and instead focus those energies on ship projects and ideas. If you are displeased with decisions made by the command staff of the USS Blackheart, you are well within your membership rights to express your displeasure to any who may choose to listen.

Should your displeasure remain unaddressed to the detriment of your fandom experience, there are many airlocks aboard the ship, and you are encouraged to test them for leaks. Once you are sealed within, you’ll want to test them using the large red switch labeled ‘depressurize.’

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