Handbook USS Blackheart NCC-2327


Hailing Frequencies

Internet Relay Chat -- #ussblackheart

We have our own IRC server running at sulu.ussblackheart.org. You can point your IRC client of choice at that address, or you can click on this link to connect via Mibbit.


Many of the crew congregate on Facebook, and they take full advantage of the chat feature. It's difficult to find a time of day when Blackheart crew aren't conversing and sharing stories and links. If you're on Facebook and you like to join us, click here! We'll do our best to get you in ASAP.


Twitter is a fairly good way of being notified about new and/or upcoming events, follow the USS Blackheart by following this link.


We have an old-school mailing list as well, called 'Privateers.' Most of the crew are on it, and please be aware that it is a large list, clocking in at just under 400 recipients. You can join the Privateers list by following this link.

Communications Officer: Neal Fischer

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