The crew of the USS Blackheart invites you to join them for some rampant and wanton destruction in the Koprulu sector on Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern. Commanders of Terrans, Protoss and Zerg are welcome!

Send an E-mail to JC Cohen for details, and don't forget to mention your Battlenet ID! He'll make sure you get added to the player list below.

Want to learn more about StarCraft II? Check out the wikipedia page for it, or the product page over at Blizzard Entertainment.

Player Battle.Net/RealID
JC Cohen
Rodger Fickel
Scott Akers
Emmett Plant
Ronnie Wood
Andy Petrovich
Martin Lessem

Note: Our games our friendly, and we're not trying to form The Greatest StarCraft II Team Ever. There will be plenty of trash-talk, but we're playing for fun.